It is not a place anyone looks forward to finding themselves at but a Court of law is society’s ultimate go- to-place for resolving disputes that society couldn’t otherwise resolve on its own. If the system of Courts did not exist, society will be thrown into a state of chaos. Because of the existence of a system of Courts, we are able to protect our existing rights, declare their existence and get finality into whatever disputes plaguing our existence. At Makopo Law Office we particularly love Court because it is a societal symbol of hope for tomorrow in its troubles of today. To be involved with this significant part of the broad societal machinery is something we love and cherish. Naturally, our love for Court extends to cases that we handle and the clients we serve.Whether you are a large, medium or small business or a natural person, you may find yourself caught up “in the matter between” for whatever reason. You could be dragged into Court by someone or be placed into a situation where you have no choice but to do the dragging yourself. Although conducting your own case is not the worst thing you could ever do in your life, we think it is not the smartest either. For as long as you are a private company or individual, you have a right to choose not to be represented legally, at least in terms of the Rules of the High Court. Where you do not wish to exercise the right to go at it alone, and believe you need legal representation in your civil dispute, it is good to know that Makopo law Office will be ready to assist you. Civil disputes are broad and often involve more than one area of the law. Furthermore, a civil Court is conducted through a series of rules of procedure, which are also varying and intermixing .All this could be an overwhelming experience for you. On your behalf, Makopo Law Office will take the metaphorical bullet associated with dealing with Courts and their systems. The following is a list of examples of cases which are civil in nature or involve a civil aspect. The list is not exhaustive and is ordinarily of matters that fall within what we can be able to assist you on, namely:-

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