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To survive, human beings need hope. We know this because we too are humans. At any given time, your decision to step into Makopo Law Office, or any lawyer’s office, for legal assistance; is a decision to find hope in your legal situation.
We understand therefore that by engaging us, you are essentially placing your life, or its aspects, in our hands.
The idea that your life could be in our hands is not something we can ever take lightly!


We touch lives and help people find hope in a number of areas of the law, some of which are as below

Labour Defense Litigation for Employers

The Industrial Court is overflowing with cases by disgruntled employees. Whether the basis of disgruntlement is justified, is an issue you probably should look into with assistance by experts in labour law defense litigation work.

Divorce and Family Law Service

Divorce is ugly. Purely from a moral perspective, society finds it hard to swallow. But it does not have to be ugly or hard to swallow, at least from a legal perspective.

Corporate Debt Recovery

The income of every business is central to its welfare. Without the prompt payment of the business’ receivables it will not be fun doing business. When that payment stops, as the creditor you have enforceable rights. At Makopo Law Office, we work hard to protect and exercise those rights for our clients. 

General Corporate and Individual Civil Litigation

For as long as you are a private company or individual, you have a right to choose not to be represented legally, at least in terms of the Rules of the High Court. Where you do not wish to exercise the right to go at it alone, and believe you need legal representation in your civil dispute, it is good to know that Makopo law Office will be ready to assist you.

Real Estate Transactions/ Property/ Deeds Registration

We represent both commercial and residential real estate purchasers, sellers and developers in transactions of all types. 

Contracts drafting, planning and review

At Makopo Law Office we are at the center of client’s business. 
We see our importance in assisting clients with the often complex and hidden issues of contract drafting, analysis or review.

Criminal Law Service

The giant weight of the State and its equally giant desire to put you behind bars or possibly even have your life taken away from you, is something you shouldn’t have to carry alone.
You need someone to turn every stone and find space for you to breathe, even if you are trapped in the tiniest of legal holes in your troubles with the Public. This is where we come in.  

Enforcement of Rights of Employees

In as much as we appreciate the important role of employers in the economy, we also appreciate that employers are not perfect and can make mistakes of a legal nature in handling their relations with employees. 
If you find yourself on the bad side of your relationship with the employer, it could be time to bring in someone to help you navigate your way in or around the relationship.


If you are unsure if you have a case, why not contact us to find out


Makopo Law Office has been around since 2012. It is based in Gaborone and provides legal services across Botswana. It was established by Motlamedi Makopo, a trial attorney with substantial experience in the High Court and other Courts of the Republic of Botswana. 
Motlamedi Makopo graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Botswana in October, 2007 and subsequently also completed an intensive professional training program in the Art of Trial Advocacy Skills with the National Institute for Trial Advocacy in September, 2009.
He has consistently been involved in the private practice of the law since graduation, working for two private law firms in Gaborone before founding Makopo Law Office.

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